Aotearoa New Zealand

Inspired road-trips

'A country made for angels, not for men.'*

Sitting in splendid isolation in the southern Pacific, New Zealand draws travelers from around the world with sublime landscapes, friendly locals and wide-open spaces.

This far-flung archipelago was among the last places on earth to be discovered.
The first settlers, from the scattered islands of Polynesia, named it Aotearoa, long white cloud.
In time others arrived, from every corner of the world.

New Zealand’s culture today reflects its natural and human history:
indigenous roots and international influences shaped by landscape and climate.

This is our home, this is where we’re based year-round. We specialise in road-trips: traveling scenic highways and byways, stopping regularly to hike, sea-kayak and bike-ride. We visit small towns and uncover local attractions. We make time to enjoy the outdoor adventures that Aotearoa is famous for; things like whale-watching, swimming with dolphins, horse-riding, bird-watching and bungy-jumping.

As with our trips in Italy, Fiji and Australia, authentic cultural encounters are essential parts of our New Zealand tours. These can include visits to indigenous Maori communities, remote sheep-farms and artists’ studios; talks with wine-makers, wildlife-specialists and local historians; culinary experiences at farmers’ markets, boutique breweries and unique eateries.

We’ve been guiding in Aotearoa New Zealand for more than 25 years. We've worked with groups of families and friends of all ages and abilities as well as hiking, biking and sea-kayaking clubs. Some tours are guided while others are 'virtually-guided'. Our tailor-made itineraries can include any of New Zealand's untold attractions, activities and places of interest.

*From a poem by New Zealand's James K Baxter.

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Photo credits. Horse-riding, Miles Holden. Te Ao Maori, James Heremaia. Sea-kayaking and Sea-kayak the South, both by Ian Trafford. Whale-watching, Chris McLennan. Sea-kayak the North, Scott Venning. Southern Frontier, Jocelyn Carlin.